Welcome to the 2018-19 school year.  It’s already almost spring!  The year is flying by.  I’m excited that we have a book fair coming up next month. The book fair dates are March 25th-29th.  There are always new selections and award winning books to choose from. 

I just completed the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl with my team.  It was a great experience even though we didn’t “win” the competition. I think the “win” for us was the experience of the competition and the books that we read both separately and together.  Our team favorites were Refugee by Alan Gratz and The Ethan I Was Before by new novelist, Ali Standish. These books represented different genres but both, in my opinion, are skillfully crafted works of literature.  Refugee is historical fiction while The Ethan I Was Before is realistic fiction.  It will be a close call for me to cast my vote for one.  You should check them out if you haven’t read them.  

Thanks for visiting my blog and please let me know about rich reads that you discover. We are always trying to grow out collection.  

Happy reading!

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year! I want to know about your summer reading!

I hope that you had a wonderful summer! Perhaps you read some amazing book that you would like for us to know about. If so, please share all about it. Maybe you have a favorite author or series that you are enjoying. We all love to read a book and then go see the movie that is made.

This is a place to share your reading story so we can all benefit.

Looking forward to seeing you in the media center!!

Ms. Smith

Welcome to the WMS Library Blog!


Reading is a favorite past time of mine and many of you.  This purpose of this blog is to share book reviews so that we can all find our next best read.  I want our WMS Media Center to be a book haven so I need to know what my readers and patrons like so I can have these titles available.

I will start by sharing what I am currently reading.  I recently coached the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl and read some of the books aloud to students. Even though the bowl is over, I am still reading some of the titles for pleasure.  Rain, Reign by Ann Martin is the book I am reading right now. It’s a book about Rose Howard, a fifth grader that has Asperger’s Syndrome and has an obsession with homonyms. Rose is determined to be a rule follower and this determination sustains her while she searches for the owner of her adopted dog, Rain, given to her by her father.

Ann Martin does an excellent job of making me, the reader, truly feel Rose’s frustrations and challenges.  I am half way finished with the book but already know I would recommend it to our students.  We have students in our school with Asperger’s and this book will enable readers to better understand the syndrome and the challenges these students face.

Please visit the WMS media center to check out this title! Also, if you have read this book, please post your review.

Happy Reading!