In this section we have provided you with access to forms used in our office and that may be needed by students and parents throughout the school year.

Hospital Homebound (HHB)

If you have had a discussion with a school counselor or an administrator about HHB services, please use this form to it’s entirety and sent/faxed to Dr. Matt Thompson at our county’s board of education office. Application for Hospital Homebound

Letter of Recommendation from your School Counselor  

Not all colleges and universities will require students to obtain a school counselor’s recommendation.  If your college does, it is important to let your counselor know in advance of deadlines that you need their assistance.  Please print and complete the Senior Brag Sheet (details matter).  Then bring that to your school counselor and let them know what college you are applying to.  Also, print out two copies of the Student Evaluation Form and give them to teacher’s in the school who know you best and have those teachers submit the completed forms to your counselor so that your Letter of Recommendation can be completed.