Appointment Scheduler

Students as you make an appointment with your counselor please note the time and date you have selected.  You are expected to show up to the counseling office at your scheduled time and you will not be called out of class.  If you miss your appointment, you are welcome to reschedule an appointment for the next convenient time for you.  Counselors reserve the right to reschedule your appointment as a result from unforeseen events or emergencies.

As we begin the 2019-20 school year, please note we will not be completing schedule change requests unless your situation concerns the following circumstances:

  1. Missing a period on your schedule
  2. Senior needing a course for graduation
  3. You are in a class you do not have the prerequisite course 
  4. You are in a class you have already passed in a previous semester 
  5. You have 3 or more academics in one semester 

WBHS Counseling Appointment Scheduler