8th Grade (Rising Bulldoggs)

Welcome Bear Creek and Russell Middle School parents and students!  You are so close to becoming a full fledged “GG” Bulldogg!  As a high school student, your independence and freedom will increase.  As 8th graders, we ask that you start thinking about your transition and where you are on seeing yourself in high school.  Become more familiar with how you are as a student and the best ways you learn.  We look forward to helping you recreate the success you have in middle school here at WBHS, and look forward to helping you unlock the potential you have inside thriving and involved freshmen Bulldoggs.


 IMPORTANT RISING 9th GRADER DOCUMENTS (check back for updates)

8th Grade Parent Night Presentation_Class of 2022

Freshmen Facts Booklet_Class of 2022

2017 Summer PE Packet

 IMPORTANT DATES (check back for updates)

Class of 2023 –  DATES COMING SOON