Dawgs for Diabetes – UGA Campus Tour

The Dawgs for Diabetes group is once again reaching out to you to let you know about an event that may be particularly important for a specific group of students – students with type 1 diabetes.

Dawgs for Diabetes Awareness at UGA is a student organization for students with or affected by type 1 diabetes. Each year, we support JDRF for the One Walk, educate those in our community, do community service, and host our biggest event of the year, The Campus Tour: A Diabetes Perspective.

The tour is much more than a tour. It is a chance for high school students with type 1 diabetes and their families who are interested in attending college to learn a little bit more about diabetes in college. The group knows personally that transitioning from high school to college is hard for the average person but especially challenging for type 1s. They understand both students and parents have questions and fears that they need addressed before they make the big jump.

At the tour, resources are provided through a presentation, several inspiring speakers (some of our students, alumni, authors, UGA staff, parents, and more), resource booths set up by important departments of UGA (including the disability resource center, the career center, food services, school departments, and more), panels, and an optional tour. Our panels are the most important part because this is where students and parents get to ask our students and parents any questions they may have.

The tour is Sunday, October 15th in Athens, Georgia on UGA’s campus from 12 to 5 PM. It is free for students and their families and includes lunch and a shirt.

Students do not have to be considering UGA to come to the tour! Anyone who is considering attending college is welcome.

Our sign-up form: http://tinyurl.com/d4dcampustour2017