New UGA Application Requirements

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There are new requirements for students looking to apply to the University of Georgia this year.  It will affect Early and Regular Decision students.

As you can see in the video, here are the changes:

  • Two ways to apply:
    • UGA’s website –
    • Coalition Application –
  • Early Action and Regular Decision requirements for applicants.
    • Now all students, regardless of application type, will be required to submit a full application, including essays.
  • Essay requirements for this year have been updated.
    • Instead of the three essays that UGA has asked for in the past, they are shifting to two. There will be one required essay, then students will have the option to choose from one of four prompts. You can find the essay prompts online through UGA’s blog!
  • The deadline for Regular Decision applicants has also changed to January 1.  Early Decision will remain October 15.