Summer School – Foothills Credit Recovery

Winder-Barrow High School’s summer school will be offered through Foothills Charter High School.  Students must complete the registration process outlined on the Recovery Packet to reserve their seat.

Students who fail a course this semester will be given a packet by their teacher to complete for summer school.

Students who failed a course during fall semester, or any semester previous, can access the packet online through WBHS’s website.

WBHS Registration Procedure

  1. Students must bring their Counselor Recommendation Form (located in the “Registration Packet”) to their counselor to sign.
  2. They will then receive Foothills registration paper work. Registration paper work can be turned in at Foothills Barrow campus, or to Mrs. Gerbig during all lunches May 8-12th.
  3. Student will get an activation key email from Mrs. Gerbig. Students must pay the $25 deposit to reserve their seat.

Here is a copy of the online Summer School – Foothills Credit Recovery Packet_2017.