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Army ROTC Scholarship

Rising high school seniors may apply for the scholarship as early as mid-June between junior and senior year. A National Board awards 4-year and 3-year advance-designee scholarships worth up to $57,000.

The scholarship can pay either tuition and fees or room and meals; a monthly stipend ($300 for freshmen, $350 for sophomores, $450 for juniors, and $500 for seniors); and $1,200 per year for books. They are awarded based on high academic achievement, excellence in athletics, and demonstrated leadership skills. After graduating from the University of North Georgia, Army ROTC Scholarship recipients will serve as an officer in the Regular Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve.

Note: For Georgia residents who are eligible for the HOPE scholarship, it can be used in conjunction with an Army ROTC Scholarship.  Hope can only be applied to tuition.  The Army ROTC scholarship can be used to pay for room and meals. Georgia residents on the ROTC scholarship will also receive up to $1,500 in grants from the State of Georgia at the end of each semester.

Scholarship Timeline:

  • 06 Jan: Deadline to complete application to be eligible for January board
  • 23 Jan: 2nd selection board meets to review applicants not selected in October, and new applicants
  • Results released Mid-February
  • 10 Jan:  Last day to start the scholarship application
  • 28 Feb: Deadline to complete application to be eligible for March board
  • 13 Mar: 3rd selection board meets to review applicants not selected in January, and new applicants
  • Results released at the end of March
  • The DoDMERB physical exam is not required to apply for the scholarship. Physical exams will be scheduled after the award is made.

For more information please click here: http://ung.edu/military-college-admissions/costs-financial-aid/scholarships-and-grants/army-rotc-scholarship.php 

For information on the application process click here: http://ung.edu/military-college-admissions/costs-financial-aid/scholarships-and-grants/army-rotc-scholarship-steps.php