Rotary Short Term Youth Exchange Program

rotary-youth-exchange-programWe would like to share with you an exciting program for high school students in our district. Many Rotarians are unaware of the excellent opportunities available through the Rotary Short Term Youth Exchange Program.   This program allows for a short term cultural exchange during the summer and is open to any High School Student residing our district. This is an English speaking program.  No language skills are required.  If you have a high school student or know one that would benefit from this program please share this email with them.

The Rotary Short Term Youth Exchange Program exchange program could be the opportunity of a life time.  Every participant that has taken part in the program rates it as one of the best experiences they have ever had.

To better understand the program, here are some key points and the Who, What, When, Where:

1.  Who?   High school students between 15 and 18.5 years old. Must live and go to school within District 6910.

2.  What?  Six-week short-term exchanges (3 weeks out-bound and 3 weeks in-bound).

3.  Where?  The 4 most common countries are Spain, Italy, Germany and France.  There are 16 other countries also on the approved list.  Although it is helpful to have some exposure to the language of the country you will be visiting, you do not need to be fluent in a foreign language.   English is the language of the program.

4.  How?  A multi-step process beginning with a student application and local Rotary Club sponsorship. Please contact Burton Blackmar ( )

5. What does the short term program cost?   $1,500 to $2,200 is a good estimate.  Costs include:  Airline ticket for your child, insurance (medical for your child), spending money (for your child), & hosting expenses such as food & entertainment (for inbound student).   There is also a small administrative fee to cover district expenses such as background checks, etc.

Application deadline is March 15, 2017 for Summer 2017 Short Term Youth Exchange Program.