September – Suicide Prevention Awareness Month


September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and we’d like to share two helpful resources for our community to have on hand should the need arise. Learning the signs of suicide and how to help yourself and others. A text-messaging crisis line, a great resource for our teens who prefer texting over phone calls.


Please take a look at the following message pulled from the “Stop a Suicide” website.


Introducing the ACT® Message
Created by Screening for Mental Health, the ACT® message is an easy to remember acronym that helps to guide individuals in the process of providing support to those in distress.

ACT: Acknowledge, Care, Tell

Acknowledge: Take it seriously, and listen.

If you are noticing warning signs or you hear something that sounds troubling, recognizing that something is wrong is the first step.

Care: Take the initiative, and show and/or voice your concern.

When someone is suffering it can be difficult for them to remember there are people that care. Showing your support will make a big difference for someone who is truly struggling.

Treatment: Get professional help immediately.

The best way to care for someone is to get them to an evaluation and to begin the treatment process. Support from friends and family is not enough to combat serious mental health concerns. Mental health treatment is necessary. You can be the important link that someone needs to get connected to treatment.

Info pulled directly from on 9/12/16 at 12:28pm.