PROBE College Fair


As we approach the PROBE college fair date (September 17th @ AHS) there are a few things you students and parents can keep in mind to best prepare for the event.  Since the event is a few weeks away this will allow plenty of time for you to review and create your plan.  Below are a couple of useful flyers for student preparation.

Preparing for PROBE College Fair_2015 – This will discuss making the most of the student experience.  There are some example questions and things to have them remember.  Also, there is a listing from the colleges/etc. that reserved a spot last year.  This can help with students determining who will likely be at the event this year.

GTCF Student Flyer_PROBE 2015 – This flyer helps explain the benefit of pre-registration.  This can actually be printed, however, that is not completely necessary if you access it online. The online registration page allows each student to create a detailed profile, including their academic interests and more, which is above and beyond what a prospect card can offer.

  • Students can use their smart phones for registration.  Once the student registers, on the website, two days prior to the event, the students will receive an attendance reminder email with a copy of their barcode attachedNew this year students can re-use their username and password created from a previous college fair and add a fair.  No need to complete a new registration!!!!

Probe is an annual program of college fairs and counselor workshops that are held throughout the state of Georgia. The program is managed by the Georgia Education Articulation Committee (GEAC), whose sole mission is to disseminate information and stimulate interest in post-secondary education for students in Georgia. Approximately 300 colleges from across the nation attend Probe to reach over 180,000 Georgia high school juniors and seniors.  For more information visit their site: