Virtual Reality Field Trip

Hello Families!

We have been doing some really cool stuff here lately! One of our latest adventures was with a virtual reality field trip! Students got to experience The Great Depression first hand! In third grade we study Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, so we got to see images of the Dust Bowl, soup kitchens and bread lines, as well as the impact on many families during this time (living in Hoovervilles). 

After that, we got to explore the facets of WWII. The students were amazed at the airplanes and the attack on Pearl Harbor. They also got to see images of Victory Gardens and rations of soldiers when they were at war. 

Please click the link to view some of the student’s comments on what they thought of our virtual field trip!

Since no one else signed up for the VR headsets, we got a little lucky and got to take yet another field trip during our ELT time! We did a science preview of fossils! We will begin studying fossils later in the quarter after we introduce rocks and minerals. Students got to walk through the process of how a dinosaur goes from a living, breathing creature, and turns into a fossil! 

We are so blessed to have had this opportunity and have it tie into so many standards! 

Check out our pics!