The Milestones Test by Lana

Dear classmates,

Today I am going to talk about the Milestone test that is going to be taking place this week. On Monday April 3rd 2017 we will be doing ELA Section 1. We will be starting around 9:14am -10:44am. Then on Tuesday April 4th 2017 we will be doing ELA Section 2. It will be taking place around the same time. Next on Wednesday April 5th 2017 we will be doing the last section of ELA which is ELA Section 3 which will also be taking place at the same time as Monday and Tuesday. Also on Thursday april 6th 2017 we will be having our first section of Math which would be known as Math Section 1. Finally Friday April 7th ( our last day doing the Milestone Test) we will be doing our last section which is known as Math Section 2. But sadly fifth grade will still be taking the Milestone test on the next Monday and Tuesday because fifth grade does science and social studies (S.S.) and we do not. Third grade has to pass reading to go on to the next grade which is fourth.  We may not have our device out anywhere not our desks, book bags,or pockets. Our teacher will have to put them in the cabinet because having your device out is known as cheating. You will have to follow all of the directions or instructions that your test says. If you come in late you will not be allowed to come into your classroom you will have to stay in the office and you will be pulled for afternoon testing. If you miss a day of school you will have to do a retake on the last week of school.You must be as quiet as  you can be because if you are done and another person is not and you start to make noise and thay may start to mess up on there test and will have to retake it. So try to be as quiet as possible.
Love Lana,