Our Classroom Wax Museum by Lana K.

Dear Classmates,

Today I am going to tell you about our classroom Wax Museum! The classroom Wax Museum is that everybody chooses a historical figure such as Paul Revere, Frederick Douglass,Susan B Anthony, Franklin D. Roosevelt,Thurgood Marshall,Mary Mcleod Bethune,Cesar Chavez,Lyndon B. Johnson, and Eleanor Roosevelt.Then we have to research them after that we have to take notes next we have to write a timeline about our historical figure’s life. After that we have to print out pictures that go with our timeline that we did.Then We have to write a speech that goes with our historical figure.Next we have to memorize the whole speech and then write our speech on flashcards and study them for homework.Then on the day that the wax museum is due you have to dress up like your figure then make a fake paper button for people (classes) to touch (push).After that you have to read your speech to them and when nobody is at your station you have to stand like a wax figure. The classroom Wax Museum is going to be in our classroom.

With all of my love and care,