Friday: I got home from  school. Then I had to make my bed. I got a snack and  a water. My nana picked me up. i got to my nana’s house. Then I played fetch with my dog. I asked if minion could come over . she said,”yes”. minion’s mom pulled in. minion got out of the car. We went in the backyard and played a little bit of soccer. Then we got dinner and went to sleep. We were so tired!                                                   Saturday: My papa woke me up and said,”you need to go eat breakfast”. I said”ok”. I  woke minion up. We got dressed.We both got in the car.Then my nana and papa got in the car. We stopped at Hardys and got breakfast.We  finally got there. Nobody on my team was there. Ten minutes later my coach arrived and so did all the players. Everybody started putting on sunscreen. Our first game we had to change jurses. We were wearing white then we change to blue. We won our first game. our second game was in 3 hours. our second game was in ten minutes so we were warming up. We won our second game. Then we went home.We ate dinner and went to bed. It was a long day. It was also a fun day.                                                                 Sunday:My nana woke me up she said ¨we are about to leave¨. So I woke up minion. she got ready. I could not find my cleats.I went to the car did not see them.I looked in my soccer bag did not see them. I asked my papa if he knew where they are. He said¨they are on the taple¨.So I went to grabe them and put them on. We got in the car and got breakfast.We got to the feld won our first game. We won so we ate so e lunch. Then we got ready for the semi finals.We lost. We went to get our mettles. We went to the team dinner. Do you like soccer?