The Square Watermelon

Hi my name is Wilbert aka the square watermelon I get made fun of, but I have one friend and his name is Aleczander.  We have been friends for five years. He comes to my house a lot. We play a lot of BattleFront, Fortnite, and mincraft and other games. We jump on my trampling but me and Aleczander go to school in a week.              A week later but  I forgot to tell you that I have a bully, but when I went into the school the bully was nowhere. I was curios and every time I went to school he was not there, but one day he came to school not a bully but a buddy.              He asked for friends, and he came to me and said,” Do you want to be my friend’, the bully said. now Aleczander said to me in a wispier voice,” No he bullied you!”, Aleczander said. I back to him in a wispier voice,” Give him a chance, Ok?”, I said to Aleczander. Aleczander said,”Ok” and the bully became our friend.