The Spooky Day!

One day I was walking home from school,and I heard a strange noise! The noise was coming from the bush right where I was standing. I went to check and it was weird because  nothing was there. So i just kept on walking. Then I heard what sounded like footsteps. I turned around and i figured out that A GHOST WAS FOLLOWING ME HOME! I screamed,” AHHHHHHHH!” 

 So, Right after I screamed I ran to my house and lock the front door and I ran upstairs and hid under the covers under my bed. I spoke to my self ,” Hopefully he/she will never find me here.”  I just noticed he/she will definitely find me here. So I ran to my closet and panicked ………

I was scared for some reason so I just tried not to panic. So I heard my door open, I peeked out to see if it was the ghost that followed me down the street nut luckily, It was my dad!  He questioned,”Why are you hiding in the closet?” I answered,” Its a long story.” He exclaimed,”okay.” So I walked  out of the closet and walked down stairs with my dad to go eat dinner and we decided to eat dinner at my moms work place to go visit her and when we get back my dad agreed my friend can come over {her name is Paisley.} 

After we ate dinner me and my dad had a long night but I still had some energy to let my friend spend the night! So I asked my dad if my friend still can come over and He said,”Yes.” soI called Paisley and she said that she is still coming over still so she said she will be there in 10 minutes. So while she was on the way I heard a strange noise downstairs I looked down there and the front door was open and that was strange…..

So, I shut the front door and i turned around!!!! “ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed.

What do u think happened next?