The haunted house

   It was a dark and stormy night when Aubrey, Maddie ,Makenna and Lyric had a sleepover. We all were down stairs at 12:00 am. We watched a scary movie. After the movie,we played hide-and-seek!I hid in my bathroom but I don’t know where everyone is except for Maddie . She is hiding with me. 


   Makenna was finding people she found me and Maddie first.After that, we herd a scream! It sounded like Lyric. I looked all over with Maddie and Makenna. I could not find her. We  did a nother round. I hid in the same spot, but Maddie did not hid with me. She was hiding in the dining room.


   I herd Makenna scream and I knew where she was. She was in the kitchen. I looked in the kitchen,and she was not there. I went every were else. She was not there. I told Maddie to stay beside me, so we went every were. Then we herd a bang in the basment. we went there and saw lyirc and makenna, but someone was holding them. I tirid to yank them. So me and maddie tried to get them, and it worked. So we went in my room and talked about it but the monster was in my room agian.


But for some reason I woke up and got so scared “was it all a dream ”? I asked my self. I must have passed out when we were playing. so I called them and I said let’s go to bed, but after that morning It all came ture. to be continuied . . . .