Slumber Party

                  It was a beautiful day, and it was my birthday. I was having a slumber party and I invited Ella,Tania, and Jordan. It’s gonna be very fun! First Tania got here then Ella.

              Jordan texted me and said “sry my mom is busy and can’t take me (sad emoji’s).” So i asked my mom if we can pick her up. By the way i’m turning Eleven.

“Mom can we pick up Jordan from her house because her parents are too busy?” “Of course sweetie it’s your birthday”, my mom said. “Yay”, I exclaimed. We went to pick Jordan up. “Hey Jordan”, I said. “Hey Yecenia”, she said excitedly. We went home and started making slime. Tania and Ella also came with us to pick up Jordan. We painted a canvas, made slime, had a pillow fight, did our make up, made Musical.lys, and watched T.V all night. It was amazing.

 ” Good Morning”, my mom whispered. “Do ya’ll girls want breakfast?”, she asked. “sure” we said. It was a regular day and everyone left. It was so fun.