nolan and slade, octaevius

Me and Slade and Octaevinav  we wery at Octaevius hoes and we was play basket ball it was 3 to 0 we was having the funnest timer we went in side and it was cool we wost a move  we had pooconyn and cany and the move was fun. thon we were riding bikes wasy they we went. to octaevius hoese and we went in to pool  and then we wend in the hoeys and we play on the x box 1 s and we play 2k 18 and we went to bed the next day  to ihop and eaet and theny we wend home and wost a move and then we went in the swem pool and we jump on the jamplen then we went to the move thetr and then slade had to go home and we wost a move and then i had to go home the end.