Haunted Sleepover

It was a dark and stormy night when Maddie,Aubrey,and Makenna were sleeping in Makenna house. Aubrey woke up to a loud bang and  Aubrey woke Maddie up and Aubrey and Maddie woke me up and told me.I took Maddie and Aubrey into my moms room.she was not there I ran to Ligues room with them she was not there ether so I got scared. We cried but I stopped crying and I got a bag and I said “Fill it up with food.”

So we did and then I said,”OK.”my moms closet. I shut the door and put stuff in front of the door and I called my mom and she said I’m at aunts.”I said OK come home please.” she did after that some one came and wrote on my computer it said “I will hurt you.” I said ” omg !”Maddie and Aubrey came running to my room and said, ” what happened?” I said look at the computer!

Two Hours later it was 12 pm and my sister was home and my mom was home me Aubrey,Maddie ,made it through the night and how every thing was back to normal.