A trip to the beach

    One day me,Paisley,Sarah,and Angelina went to the beach.”Lets go put some sun screen on,”says Sarah.”okay”So we put some sunscreen on.”Lets go swim,”says Paisley.so we went to go swimming.It was fun getting knocked over by the waves.

The next thing I know someone else sand castle  got knocked over by the waves.”lets go volunteer to help build the sand castle back up,”says Angelina  ”okay,”says Sarah”hay we saw that your sand castle got knocked over by the waves and we were wondering if we can help you build it back up away from the waves.”I say.”shore and my name is Courtney .”says Courtney.”My name is Natalie this Sarah Paisley And Angelina.Nice to meet you.”so we helped  Courtney build the sand castle  and it was a good sand  castle.”Maybe  you can come over some time Courtney.” I say.”okay”