A busy day at home.

One day my best  friend Shelby came over to spend the night.”Get ready for nap” mom said. We screamed!”NO we do not want to take a nap!” we said.We  want to go to an indoor 


Two days later we asked,”mom can we go to an indoor play ground,”? Dad said,” no we cannot go to an indoor play ground.” Suddenly we threw  everything on the floor.Then dad said”,pick up everything and we can go to an indoor play ground “,so we  packed our things  for extra snack’s so we have something to eat or we will stay hungry.”Finally e are here we said”,come on Shelby let’s go “mom said AH! I have to sign  you in or else you can not in there. “OK  now go “mom “,  Yay dad”,said take your shoes off before you go “ok we said”,I slide down the slide and Shelby jumped  into the trampoline  and  did  a  flip.