Carlsbad Cavern

       I think yes i would love to Visit Carlsbad Cavern.                                                                                                                                                     I would like to visit because it would so spectacular to see the caves and the rocks.The rocks open up just enough for a person to go inside.Bits of limestone sank to the bottom when the caves I think flooded when it fell it then hardend.After a while it washed away.I think that’s how the caves were made.
       In 1898 a young 16 year old cowhand Jim White went exploring the caves.Most people didn’t believe that the caves were so deep but Jim knew otherwise.Jim spent alot of time in the caves he even built a ladder.                                                                             After hearing Jim’s story about the cave that made me want to go even more exploring the caves would also be a great place for amazing pictures but even better to spend time with family and make moments to last forever                                                  So yes I would love to visit.What about you?D you think it would be fun.