Should Students Have a Longer Recess?

Having a longer recess is probably better but it is unhealthy. You should have a normal recess because you should be learning.  I agree with there not being a longer recess for kids because it could ruin their  learning time, it would take all of their energy, and they won’t work as hard in class.

    First, a longer recess would ruin a kids learning time. If you had to do something right after recess, you wouldn’t be able tot do it because you decided to have a longer recess. It would probably be confusing for the teacher to do work because of the recess. 

    For example, when kids get a longer recess they aren’t getting any knowledge. They would be too focused on what they are playing. They’d probably forget what they know. They teacher would have to teach them a lot of stuff in a little amount of time.

    Second, after coming in from recess everyday, you are probably wore out and sweaty. You lose energy from just a little bit of recess. Just imagine how tired you would be after a longer recess. You would be falling asleep.

     Another example is, They just wouldn’t focus as hard if you had a recess because you wouldn’t have enough energy to do what you needed to do. Losing energy is preventing you from learning which is unhealthy.

     My last reason is, in class you wouldn’t work as hard because they would be thinking what they did at recess and they are thinking about their recess for the next day and what they are going to do in all that time. 

     My last example is, kids would probably forget what they are working on and they would get bad grades. You wouldn’t get good grades anymore if you were thinking about recess.

    In conclusion, This is why think that a longer recess for students is not good. Ruining their learning time, Losing energy, and not focusing hard are all good reasons that students shouldn’t get a long recess. What is your opinion about kids having a longer recess?