Should Students Wear Uniforms to School?

     Do you think students should wear uniforms? In my opinion, I think we shouldn’t. I think that because there may be a cute outfit you may want to wear, it may be real hot, and you may get really bored of the uniforms.

     My first reason is, you may have a really cute outfit planned but you cannot wear it because you have to wear your uniform. You would be able to wear it ever. I think we should at least have permission to pick out our own outfits.

     For example, kids including me  would have a strong imagination. We wouldn’t be able to think about what would look good. People shouldn’t take away creativity.

      My second reason is, some days can be smoking hot. It is usually really hot in the summertime but you would have to wear jeans or leggings because of your uniform.

    Another example is, it is very common for kids to wear shorts and short sleeve shirts to school in the summertime. So you as hot. But uniforms change that.

    My last reason is, imagine wearing the same pair of clothes for the whole year! That probably wouldn’t be great. You would have to wash the uniform every single night!

    My last example is, You would probably get bored of the design unless you like uniforms. You should be able to wear something creative and something colorful. Maybe even something sparkly!

    In conclusion, students shouldn’t wear uniforms to school. Wearing a cute outfit, how hot it may get, or that you have to wear same thing everyday are good reasons that you shouldn’t have school uniforms.