Do you know about iphones? If not you should read this passage. in this text you will learn about iPhones.                     The first people to invented the iphone are steve job,scott forstall,greg christie,michael matas,nitin k.ganatra,charles pisula,marcel van os,richardson williamson, and stephen o.lemay.                                      The first iphone was a generation one.ten years ago today the original iphone took sale six months after steve job to centre stage at macworld.The iphone one is the regular generation.                           Iphones are made in mongolia,china,koreian,and taiwan the taiwanese company runs the zhengzhou facility. Apple orders components from global suppliers.   

                     74 million iphones are sold each year. from 2007 to now,apple sold 46.68 million Iphones were sold worldwide.In the 2016 fisical year apple sold 211.88 Iphones                                  16 to 34 gigabytes can be on a iphone.the gigabyte is a multiple of the unit for digital information.The prefix giga means log in the international system of units.                             Iphones are so popular their ratings are 83.8 percent. iphones are still the most popular phones in the world.in the march quarter 17.4 million people  bought iphones.              the different types of iphones are 3gs,4,4s,5,5c,5s,6+,and 6s.                                     The plans in the future for iPhones are mobile networks has developed so rapidly that in a few years it’s going to be an exciting ride.A flexible phone will b coming soon but won’t be avalable  any time soon .          you have now learned about iphones.                                                                                                                      




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