Do you want to know about Germany? Well I will tell you. This is a passage informing you about Germany.              

    Germany has been around for a long time but it was still the seventh country to be found. Germany has been around since February 2, 2,962 AD. That makes Germany about 380,000 years old.  

    Germany is a pretty large country. However it was the seventh largest. Its is 357,022 KM. It also has sixteen states.

    The populations in Germany were pretty confusing. The population in 2017 was 82.67 million people. In 1933 there were only 505,000 people living there, that’s not a lot of people. In 1870 there were 41 million people living there.

    In Germany, there were a lot of strange and cool foods. The most popular dishes of Germany were pot roast beef,  currywurst, spaetzle, soft pretzel, and schnitzel.

    In Germany, there were also cool celebrations. The most popular ones were October festival, Bach festival, Berlin Film festival, Rose Monday parade, and Carnival Of Culture. So there was a lot of entertainment in Germany.

    Some people think that Germany is a state. It’s really a country though. It’s in the continent of Europe. Also, Germany is slightly smaller than France. 

    Some people wonder when Germany was discovered. It was discovered 962 AD. They started through caves to discover Germany. Also, Germany used to be called Germania. 

    Some people want to know how Germany is to Georgia. Its 4,657 miles and 7,494 KM. You also have to cross the North Atlantic Ocean to get to Germany.

    Have you learned anything about Germany? Well this is an essay that informed you a lot of simple facts about Germany.