you  will leanr about dolphins . you will leanr  wath they eat where they live and how big they  are . i hope you enjoy ! where do the  live? they  live closeto the  ocenns  in all the ocenns  planet.  they  live in fresh wather  rivers of  asi and south america how big  20,26 feet  and   90 pound orca”s are  the larg est specise of  dolphins . orcas can   be 25 feet long and 19,000 pound the popul or  bottle nose dolphins  featured in a lot of movies  are8feet long and 665 pound. maul”s  dolphins are the  smallesl dolphins. they  are aboutuft long wath  they  pesmae types the pesmost tursiops , porppoises, bottle  noes.  there are  36 specices of dolphins ,32 typs of ocean dolphins  and 4ty6ps of river dolphins picallys toy with thier mothers for up ot  five year tead ot last  beween6 months and 2 year low lorg 70rg or forty year in the dolhpins can live fo2 long time . orcan mnay mnay lives  for  20 year or more . bottlern  dolphins can lives for  at leat  forthy  year . dophins  that are  in captiviys die  much  earlier than those living those wild . wath is thier predat or predat shark and  bull shark . orcascorcinusor can and larg  sharks dis put the title of ‘” the  most dangerous pre datorof both for   some specles  , this mammal is the most  deadly predator. wath are the