Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart

Do you want to learn about  charles   lindbergh   and  amelia   Earhaert ? In  this   papper  you will learn  about  amlia  Earhaert   and charles   lindbergh  and  their  similarities and differences.  first  you’ll  learn   charles   lindbergh     and amelia    Earharh and what they have in Common. they  flew over  the atlantic  ocean. both  of  them  auit   collegarly  to got to flight school. they both wrote book’s about their ex perienes in flying.  charles  linadbergh  and  amelia  Earharh were pilots on airlolanes. Next you’ll learn about  how they are diffetent. ameila Earhart was  born in 1898 and charles  lindbergh was  born in 1908. charles liendbergh  jump  out of  and  aiplane u.s times  and survived os they called  him ”lucky lindy” charles  lindbergh was  a pilot for  the  u. s . Air corps. amelin Earhart  was  not  In this paper ,you learned  about charl lindbergh  and amelia Earhart  and what  they  have  in common and how  they are different.