charels linghegh and amelia earharts story

in this essay you  will  learn about Charels Linberghs and Amelia Earharts diffrencese and simelarities .This will also thaech you about these inportant pepole .I hope you like it .Charels linberghs and Amelia Earharts simelarities , Both droped out of  college. Both flew over the Atlantic Ocean.Both wrote a book. Charles linbergh and Amelia Earharts diffrenceces , Charels was first to fly over the atlantic. Amelia was first woman to fly over the atlantic. Carels was nick named lucy lindy for jumping outof his plane 4 times and surviving. Amelia was born 1894. Charels was born 1902. amelia flew from hawiaii to mainland. charels partisepated in a contest to fly over the Atlantic. Amelia got a medal for flyingfrom hawiaii to mainland. charels was a pilot for the U.S. air corps. Did you learn something today?because i did . hope you liked it .thanks for reading.