Amelia Earhart charles lindbergh

   Have you ever learned about Amelia Earhart,and Charles lindbergh well you are going to learn about these people.In my essay you will learn about what Amelia Earhart and what she did.Charles lindbergh and what he did.

The first thing you will learn about Amelia Earhart.she was the first woman to fly over the Atlantic ocean.she tried  to fly over the hole world but her plan disappeared and she was never found. 

“Charles  Lindbergh  was the first man to fly over the Atlantic ocean. Lindbergh was born on 1902 and died when he was 72.”

they both fly across the Atlantic ocean.they both dropped out of school and went to flying school 

    Have you ever learned about Charles Lindbergh  and Amelia Earhart and what they had in common and how they were different.