Charles Lindbergh And Amelia Earhart

    Have you ever wanted to know the differences and similarities of Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart? Well, I will tell you. Read more to know!

    First, I will tell you the similarities between them. When they were both young, they dropped out of college to go to flight school. They wanted to be really good pilots and they both were. When they were pilots, they flew across the Atlantic Ocean. Both of them got famous for flying all sorts of places and for winning special trophies. People write books about them. They even wrote their own books.  

    Now, I will tell you the differences about Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh has been a really successful person. He has jumped out of a plane 4 times so they nicknamed him “Lucky Lindy.” He was a great pilot so he got to joined the army U.S Air Corps. he was born a littler after Earhart. He was born in the year 1902. Also, instead of being a passenger over the Atlantic Ocean like Earhart, he was a pilot .

    Last, I will tell you the differences about Amelia Earhart. She did a ton of things too, but she wasn’t as successful. She was born in the year 1898. She did go over the Atlantic Ocean like Lindbergh, but instead she was a passenger. She has been awarded medals too. like she got a medal for being the first woman to fly from Hawaii to Mainland.

    Did you learn anything about Charles Lindbergh and  Amelia Earhart? Or did you learn something about Both? I did. think they are great people!