Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earheart

      Do you know about Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart ? You may not, but in this story you will learn Charles Lindbergh’s differences from Amelia Earhart  as well as their similarities.

       First you will learn about Earhart’s  and Lindbergh’s similarities.They both dropped out of college for pilot school. They both flew across the Atlantic Ocean.They also wrote a book. They both earned something. Earhart earned a medal,Lindbergh earned his name “Lucky Lindy”.                         

          Next you will learn about there differences.Earhart was born 1898 in Kansas.Lindbergh was born 1902. Earhart bought  her own plane.Lindbergh named his plane, the Spirit of ST Louis.Amelia showed what woman pilots can do.Then she went back to school for a while.

  now from reading my story you know about Lindbergh ,and Amelia Earhart’s similarities ,and differences.I hope you liked my story. Who do you think Ill write about next.