the stamp act

Have you ever been charged a tax for a stamp?well in this paper you will read all about the stamp act.The three verses are CAUSE,WHAT IT WAS ,HOW LONG IT LASTED.cause colinest had to pay for the french and indian war.They had to share expence of the war .They had to help pay for the british in americans what it wasThey had to pay a tax for anything printed on paper.They  were suposed to buy paper from britian .The stamp act was put on the american colinest by britain in 1765 .how long it lasted” The Stamp act lasted  1765 to 1776. The stamp act did not take effect ti’l November 1st on the same year.The stamp act was reapealed on March 18th,1766.Thanks for reading .Hope you leraned something .Hoped you liked it.