The Declaration Independence

             Have you ever heard of the way we got our independence? This paper was called The Declaration of Independence. In this paper you’ll learn about What was it’s purpose, Who created and signed it, and the Results.

               The purpose of The Declaration    of Independence. Was to declare independence from British rule. Another reason was to break away from British rule lastly to make a  new country called the U.S.A.                             Who created and signed it. The patriots that signed it were.Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston, Ben Franklin, Rodger Sherman, and John Adams.

        The results of The Declaration  of Independence was how copies were sent to many colonies.We got liberty, rights, and life.Finally we got the pursuit of happiness and our freedom.

              In conclusion America got Freedom from Great Britain. We built from 13 colonies to 50 states. So today we love our Founding fathers.