The Battle of Saratoga :By Evan

If you were in a war what would you do? If I was in a war I would fight. In this passage you will learn about The Battle of Saratoga,the weapons and clothes the soldiers used, who fought in the battle, and some interesting facts. The first weapon they used was a Musket with a bayonet.The first clothes they wore were brown jackets. The British wore red jackets, and they wore different hats. John Freeman, General Gates, and General Haratio Gates fought in The Battle of Saratoga. Those are the people who fought in The Battle of Saratoga. Now here is some interesting facts about The Battle of Saratoga. One interesting fact is that the Americans had 9,600 soldiers and they went up to 15,000 soldiers. The British had 7,200 but they went down to 6,600 soldiers. Georgia Washington declared the day of 11/18/1777 that war over British was over. I hope you learned something about The Battle of Saratoga.