The Battle of Bunker Hill

The weapons they used are guns,cannons,knifes. The first weapons are guns they us pistol,musket,and bayonets.The knifes are saber,dagger,spontoon,and tomanawk.For cannons they used mortars,cannon,and nowitzer.

The battle took on June 17,1775 the british wanted two have both  hills. It took place in Breeds Hill.

The leader for the British was General william. The American leader is William prescott. For the british soldier are British drummer boy,British soldier, and the Hessian soldier. For the American side they had American drummer boy, American soldier, and the officers.

This is all that happened  in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Do you know what happened in the Battle of Bunker Hill?In this paper you will find out. Keep reading to learn what weapons they used, where it took place, and who fought in the battle