Paul Revere’s life. By: Paisley

Do you know what Paul Revere’s life was like? Maybe not but in this story you will learn cool facts,what his life was like,when he was born,died,and who his family was.

First you’ll learn when Revere was born and died. Paul was born on January first 1735 in Boston Massachusetts . Paul died when he was 82 years old,he died because of cancer.

Do you know where Paul lived, and what his life was like? He lived in Boston.His house was three stories tall it was built about 1680,Paul had two wives. He had 5 children the 8 more.

Do you know what Paul´s life was like?He was married to Sarah Orne Paul had 8 children. His mom was Debrah Hitchborn,and his father was Apollis Riviore.

Know from reading my story you know about Paul´s family,what his life was like, and when he was born and died.I hope you liked my story ,and who do you think Ill  write about next.