Paul Revere

     Have you learned about Paul Revere? If not this is what you will be learning about him,you will be learning about where he lived,Birth and death,and his family.Also you will be learning other things about him.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Paul Revere lived in Bosten . Hishouse was 3 stories. 
His addres is north square Bosten,ma

Paul Reveres birth was 1735 in Bosten Massacharettes (Jan1,). Paul Reveres death was of cancer, he died      at the age of 83.

 Paul Reveres family was big. He had 8 kids. He was maired to Sarh Orne but she died. He also had  his  mother Debrah Hichborn and his father Apollos Revere.

     I hope you found some facts about Paul Revere. what you where leaning about was where he lived, his birth and death and family.