When I got my dog

This was on Thursday when I was getting home. Me,and my two sisters saw a dog beside the car. We all tuch’ed him and he was so cute. My sister had to go buy stuff for the dog.

When they got home we got to play with him. The dog did not want to climb the stairs. We kept letting him go up. They had too many stairs, and he was on one stair but he still do’sent go up the stair. So my sister had to cray  him. We all did not know that he could not climb stairs. My big sister had to put the things  in her room for the dog.

We all got play with him it was time to go to sleep, so we all went to sleep. Now everything change. Now he can climb stairs. “My mom dose not want him to be up stairs”, and he gose crazy when he meets new people.

This would be the best dog I would have of all. We all tried to give him a name so we all discribe him so we all said he had white fur/black fur, long claws, unpahunst, scared, and fanly crazy. So the name we gave him was Rex. That is going to be his man for ever. I all was wanted a dog now I have one for ever.