The Story Of Olaf The Painting

 One dark and stormy night me,my sister,and my grandpa went to a store down by Walmart.We went into the store and three dogs ran up to us.We went closer into the store and saw a place mat with my name on it.I sat down and went to work.                                       First i out on an apron kind of thing on .Then I outlined Olaf and painted his arms,legs,and painted the inside of him.After we did that I painted the background blue and put some glittery snowflakes on it.My grandpa said,”you are doing great”then I said,”thank you,”Then I let it dry a little bit.After I let it dry a little bit I glued some more snowflakes on it.                                                                      Then me,my grandpa,and my sister went to McDonalds and got some lunch.I got a cheeseburger  kids meal. My sister got the same thing.My grandpa got a double cheeseburger.                                                                                                                                        We went home and hung it up on the wall.When we did that my dad said,”you did a great job.”I loved painting Olaf so much.  I would to do it again.When I do do it again I want to paint me and my family all together.