the first day

My first day of school was cool. I saw my old teachers and I liked it. It was so cool Mrs Frazier had a purple giraffe it jumped out the window it was really sad. 

       Then school started. I got a spot on  the spools instead of a rug, tray, or camp chair. It was so cool ! there is a thing could flexible seating It’s where I get to pick my seat for the day. As you no I got spools the first day                                               It was cool when recess came. My and my old friends  saw My teachers giraffe Mrs stapleton caught it. Mrs Frazier was so happy                                                                                                                                                                                                       We went to class and did not do any work the whole entire day  

      when I got home I tuck my dog out. and she chased a man. I got caught her then took her in side when my mom got home I played  Xbox  It was fun!