The first day of School

       My name is Aleczander. This is the first day of school. Today I wanted to have a good day so I did.For math, science, social studies, English Language Arts,and reading I did well. However writing not so much because it was summer I didn’t care now it’s 9:30 and I have no project.

      So when Mrs. Frazier asked,”Pull out your over the summer projects.” Nicely I raised my hand and said,”I don’t have my project.” So Mrs. Frazier and Ms. Stapleton talked for 3-5 minutes and said okay silent lunch work on it. Two to three hours later I said ,”huh.” in depression. Mrs. Frazier said ,” Aleczander I need you to get out your project supplies.” I said,”okay.”

   In conclusion   after that lunch Aleczander had a great school day. I also learned some valuable lessons on how to finish my work.