The Best Friday Ever

One morning Me,Delaine,and Camryn,which is my sister,got on the bus.After we got on the bus , Delaine brought her phone out. I snatched her phone from her hands and went straight on

Then I went on one of my musical.lys and copied a song called “Peanut Butter And Jelly” made up by @officialsongs from my I said ,”Hey Delaine and Camryn lets make a altogether!” Then they said, “Ok lets do it!” We made the and it wasn’t perfect because everyone on can see the so we didn’t post the We deleted and re-made the and it was sooooo…. funny! At one moment I would be in the, then Delaine would ,then Camryn would. OMG!!! It was a mess ,but at the end it was good because I told them not to mess up!

     We got to school and edited the and it was perfect because we weren’t messing up! Then the day passed by and Me,Delaine,and Camryn met up again in the afternoon.We made one more and the song was the same as this morning,but when the bus stopped when we were in the middle of a and the bus driver yelled at people on the bus! After the bus driver yelled at people the bus driver headed straight to our neighborhood! After that Me,Delaine,and,Camryn,ad a VERY quick ,before we left!Anyways,the problem was solved  when we all got off the bus!

When Me and Camryn got off the bus I got home and I dashed in my room to get my phone off the charger and texted Delaine and said,”Today was a fun,funny,and hilarious day”! Then Delaine replied,”Exactly!” “I hope that the next Fridays are as good as this one”,I say.