I love dogs,but i still doun’t have my own . One day i was peting my mom’s dog. “I wonder when I will get my own ?”I went and told my mom .She did not anser ”wonder why.”when it was my beirthday i wooke up with screaming  and dog slober all over my face !I instantly juped  out of bed and washed my face .then I went  down stirses .I ran back upstairs .

I got on my iphone and  ft (face time)  makenna.I tould her what happend she did a loud ”WOW!”I snak downstairs becuaes it souned culm .I saw a dog .My mom said ”happy baeirthday!” I ran to go hug her so fast and i said ”thank you so much!”i peted my dog then i thought she needed a name my dogs name will be lanu!I train her the next day it worked.When it was in the mornig  she would not levea my side .I wonder if you have a dog ?