i love dixie

one  day  jessica  and  dixie  spent  time  with  me . i  do  not went  to helping   jessica  because she is  mean to me some timees “No!no!no!no!”said angelina and dixie  solve the problem it is that sleep with dixie  and she  sleep with me. bed me and dixie sleep on my bed,and we do not get up at night. one day jessica  and dixie spent  time with me. i don’t went to beheling  jessica because she is mean to me some times.” no!no!no!no!”side angelina and angelina  and dixie slove the problem. isleep with dixie and moved dixie on the bed.  me and dixie sleep  on my bed and dixie sleep on my bed and we do not get up at night.me and dixie wake up does and i eat and dixie too. we play tag, just me and dixie i run through the house  and dixie tries to  tag me then, tank wants to play hide and seek with me. we stop play the game we go to eat and we go to bed to sleep for 3 hours that is it for to day by.