Getting my Third Hamster

It was a rainy day the sky was gray and there  was no clouds at Petsmart. Me and my dad ran inside and startded  looking at the pets. We looked at the hamsters and I found the one I wanted. So my dad asked a worker to come get the hamster for me.She said,”do you want this one or this one”? I said,”I want the active one”.She said,”Ok” and we left.While I was in the car I decided to name him Theodore because he was fat.He was also gray and white.

Then we went to Walmart and got grocieres  and when were getting in the car I dropped Theodore and he peed in the box.I felt so bad for Theodore .My mom said,”Be careful.”Then we  went to little ceasers  and went home.

Then,when we got home,and ate. Then I set up his cage and my mom and brother didn’t want me to get Theodore but later they startded liking it.

The next day,I was petting theodore and he got scared and bit me! I was gushing blood and I got cleaned up I. haden’t petted him since then.


so,that’s my journey with my third hamster. thank’s for reading.