Disney world

Onetime in i think August,my dad scheduled a reservation for Disney World when he told me I was so excited ,but then he said, “Paisley I scheduled Disney for November”. Then I said,”Why could you not have scheduled it for September?Ugh ugh”!But when said it was for November I was so mad”Ugh”I yelled, but then he said,”Ill reschedule it for September”.Then I said, “Your the best dad ever”!                                                                                                                                              One month later.I said to dad, “When are we going to leave?”Daddy said,”Tomorrow morning.” Yay I shouted.I was so happy,”Wait I haven’t packed yet.” I whispered to myself. So I went to my room to pack.After that we just relaxed until we decided to leave.                                                                                                                                                                           The next morning .”Its time to leave” I shouted.So we got into the car, three hours later, we stopped for a snack I got chips and a Coke. My mom got a reses peanut butter cup and tea, my dad got a Slim Jim and Root beer.                                  Thirty minutes later “We’re there.” I screamed. We went to the condo and unpacked. It had a kitchen,living room and two bed room’s. I got the small one of course, but it was still pretty big.After we unpacked we just relaxed.                      The next day,”Yay.” I shouted as we walked out the door to go to Disney.When we got down there,the first ride we road was Everest. It went backwards and really fast.The whole time we road I said “Ahhhhhhh!”After `we road Everest,we ate some hot wings. Then we road some more rides after that.                                                                                                     The next morning. we packed up to go home.Then we got into the car and I said “Can we eat Mc. donalds. My dad said “Yes.” When we got there I orderd  a kids meal, my mom and dad didn’t want anything so we hit the road.                           Back at home.We finally got home and we unpacked the car, and we relaxed.Were do think ill go next?