cheer games

I cheer for wb high school and the football games to and it is so fun the are like a 100 people there. But I am not nervousI had a game last week and we lost again. That is two times that we lost a game two week’s in a row. The frist game was in jefferson fill and we played against the blue and green dragon’s and bulldog.

Dodouble gs lets go dog’s three time’s. The next game was red dragon’s and bulldog’s. I wen’t to the old russle middle school to cheer. I wen’t to the wb high school to cheer last week and this week we do not have a game.This is the green against the bulldog’s. When I cheer I wear four my out fit is the bulldog’s and I like werig it because it fit’s good.

Some of my favorite cheer to do are d fan’s play d fan’s come on d fan’s  fan’s fan’s in the stands show your spirit clap your hand’s. Way to go bulldog’s clap 5 time’s. I said to give the man a hand’s 2 times go dog’s.